Thursday, April 2, 2015

VoiceAmplified is pretty much bang'in on your doorstep

Well, well, well. We meet again. To all my 5 followers and to the 1000+ people who view but don't follow (rude), hi! 

I am so happy to see that people still view my blog even though I haven't posted since sometime last year. I love you guys!

Top 5 Life Updates Not In Any Chronological Order:

1.VoiceAmplified is on the web and on twitter, GoFundMe, and soon to be its own website.

2. I'm starting college duel enrollment this fall! Ahhhhhh! Adulthood!


4. I re-dyed my hair and then it started to fall out in the dead top of my head (dang flabbit). But it's healed now (nearly).

5. I'm getting back in that writing groove! (Never lost it, just buried it deep, deep, deeeep inside my soul.

...That's pretty much the bulk of it. With small pockets of calm here and there. 

I am now going to tell you guys about what I like to call; my creative giving back business. This is What I put my blog on pause for.

VoiceAmplified's Story Link: VoiceAmplified's Story

VoiceAmplified: What I've Been Talk'in About

My name is Anneliese Palmer. I’m homeschooled, sixteen years old, and I’m an entre-creator. What is an entre-creator? It’s a person who uses whatever resources they have in unique and creative ways to impact the people around them. The way I did it was start my own business when I was fourteen.

Going through many names and phases before I finally settled on one; VoiceAmplified is what I’d call a creative giving back business.

When I was younger, I was arguably the shyest in my family. Using my voice was not a favorable option for me. I let myself go unheard mainly because I was afraid of being shut down, scoffed at, or worse, laughed at. I’m an introvert, so I naturally kept quiet, buried myself in books, and didn’t amplify my own voice. Now? Pretty much the same as to being an introvert and having my nose always in a book, but the difference is that I let myself be heard. I amplified my voice by using creativity and my love for business to do it.

I started making and selling handmade items. Swirl scrunchies, vibrant flower crowns, and as I combined lace and jewelry, I am slowly but surely; growing into something beautiful.

For months, I've been trying to get a website set up but I keep hitting road blocks. Never fear, hope is always near!

VoiceAmplified is all about using the hands God gave me to creatively give back. I do that by giving back to what I like to call: "Voicee of the Month"

"Voicee of the Month" is where I pick who or what I’m going to give back to. Whether it’s someone who needs help with a house payment, buying new shoes for a child or paying a serious medical bill; I want to be another way to help.

10% of every $500 will go the "Voicee of the Month"; the rest will go to paying for website bills, shipping, supplies, and business savings. 

I hope and pray to raise $1000 by this fall (miracle!!!), when I start college. People, I need all the help I can get! The first $500-$600 dollars I raise will go to my college fund. Wanna jump in my story? 

I want to get a creative education where I can further myself in business knowledge, fashion design, and other passions.

I like to think of life as one big never ending story. This is your chance to author in it with me. So grab some paper, marker, crayons, color pencils and start authoring!

-Anneliese Palmer, Dreamer, Entre-Creator, Business women. "I'm an introvert who innovates."

Thursday, January 15, 2015

New Year, New Plan.

Please, please. Hold your torches and pitch forks guys. Let me explain my monthly absence. I have decided to seriously focus on building my business. I can't tell you the name in fear that someone might take it since it's not yet copyrighted and trademarked, but I can tell you a little about it. 

Last year was me dreaming and wishing. This year is me taking baby steps. I know, not very far off from dreaming and wishing, because really? I'm writing a story. A story that I hope would impact people across the oceans. I know, I'm a dreamer. A dreamer who hopes she's moving in the right direction.

My story is a simple, yet very thought out and heart-felt. I'm using the hands God gave me to create beautiful things, things that I hope will make people smile when they see them. From crochet phone cases to flower crowns, to bookmarks to jean bows; I never really noticed what a business woman I've alwasy been. I guess all the lemonade sales, ice cream stands, and fundraisers didn't really click till now.

My business/story is all about helping people in the most creative ways possible. Whether it's a gas need, grocery need, house need, or even a new pair of shoes, I want my business to be there. Is there a word for a business that's a percentage profitable and a percentage non-profitable at the same time? The answer might be obvious, but I can't find the right term. The only reson I'm not calling myself a non-profit is because I'm only 16 and need someway to finance myself. Can't really do that if I give 100% away. 

To everyone who reads and follows, this blog; I'll still be here, but I won't be making anymore promises to update regularly, I'm surprised I'm doing even this. But I think I own you guys one.

Hey, this isn't good-bye. You'll be seeing me be real soon. 


Saturday, December 6, 2014

I Guess It's A Fixer Upper...

Blogger's been acting weird of late. You know how I said I was posting a Book Chic last month? I did...or at least I tried. Blogging was glitching up. It would let me compse and upload a post, but then it wouldn't show up on the sight; only through a link. 

Since I am not at all happy about it, I will be furthering my investigation as to what is wrong. Wish me well. 


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Saturday, November 29, 2014

Writing Is Hard... But Worth It

Seriously. It is. I mean, what else makes you question your own sanity? I'm working on writing a book. Or two... or three. So many ideas! I just start the summary of a story and let it go. (NO PUN INTENDED)

It's the thing that keeps me up at night, and the thing that keeps me going. I love the creativity of putting even two words together and making something extraordinary. 

I want to be the kind of writer that makes you throw your book across the room,  forget your dinner, red puffy eyes from sleepless nights; and cranky becaused something retched happened to a beloved character. Yeah, I sound diabolical. *smug face*

In all honesty? I just want to be the type of writer that inspires people. I want my stories to have an impact from the very first page. I don't necessarily want to make millions on a best seller, or have my novel or novella published into a movie, and although they all sound great; I just want to be... heard. Heard through the magic that floats off the pages of a book. 

Don't you love the way things flow from your finger tips when you sit down and start to write? Wether not it's 300 words or 3000writing makes the kind of magic that T.V can never give you. 

Heck, I wouldn't watch T.V if not for my siblings. 

The other challenging part is having all your rights. Copyrights, trademarked, all the good stuff. That's all to make sure you're not stealing anyone's ideas- and that yours aren't getting stolen. 

It may not be extremely challenging, but being only a 16 years old with a once a month babysitting job.... yeahhhh.

I also want to be a teen writing for teens. Not that that'd be my only audience, but my main one. I don't hear a lot about  published teenage authors. Actually, I've only heard of one. I want people to be inspired by what I do and then go do something great themselves. 

You know how the saying is: "Read a book thirty minutes a day." 

Let's rephrase that to: "Write for thirty minutes a day." 

It may seem a little hard to start with, but it's well worth it. 

© 2014, Anneliese Palmer.

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Sunday, November 23, 2014

Let Me Be A Safe Haven

Let Me Be A Safe Haven

Let me be a safe haven, the eye of your storm.
A place to go where hope seems no more.
The roots to your tree, the seeds to your apple.
The heart that beats for you, when you feel like you can't beat no more.
I am home. I am love. I am a safe haven.

Poem by Anneliese Palmer


Have I ever told you guys that I'm a bit of a poet? I write down pretty much anything that feels right in the moment. This poem was inspired by two little girls who I help watch on the weekend. Two little girls who need to know that they can let me be a safe haven for them. Not the ultimate safe haven, but one nevertheless. 

So reader, let me ask you this: who is your safe haven, and are you someome's? 

Reflect on all they've done for you. Putting you above themselves time and time again. It funny how we don't notice when we take advantage of people in our lives until someone does it to us. Remeber those who make sacrafices for you. Don't forget that there are two hearts (or more), in the relationship. 

Most of all, keep on running back to Christ. The safe haven above them all. 

A message of hope. A message of the soul.

A message from God's heart, to my heart, to yours.

© 2014, Anneliese Palmer.

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Sunday, November 16, 2014

Back To Stay

As I've gotten involved in new things this year, I drifted away from the first thing that started my outlet of expressing myself. Blogging. I made excuses. Telling myself I have too much school work, since I don't have a phone anymore, blogging wasn't as easy as it used to be. The biggest excuse was that no one wanted to hear what a random 16 year old had to say.

Honey, was I wrong. Then fact was that I had lost confidence in myself played a major role. I let go of one of my first passions for other things. Now I'm back to stay with a new post every Saturday, a new Book Chic every month, and yes-- EveryGirl Talks Alot. My youtube channel will be back and running as soon as I can fix my mom's old iPhone. I did have a legitimate reason for that one. 

Never fear! I'm back and more vibrant as ever! Finally put together an EveryGirl schedule for me and you guys. 

Bonus!! Over the year I've been working on building a charity business. As much as I would love to tell you guys the name of it, I can't. Only because the name I wanted is already copyrighted and legalized. But what I can tell you; is that it's all about giving people a voice and letting them be heard in the most creative ways possible. More about that in the near future. I know, I know-- I shouldn't keep you guys in suspense. 

I just want to make sure I have all my thoughts together. 

You guys might see a slight change in the font color, because there is one. I brightened it because I felt like it needed a new change. How does it look? I'm keeping this post short and sweet, but check out the latest Book Chic and I'll see you guys next week. Promise. 

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© 2013, Anneliese Palmer